Daisy Yoshimi
Daisy Yoshimi
San Diego Regional Winners

2018 Highlights

Team 1538 / The Holy Cows ended the season with a 39-6-0 record and with 1 regional win in San Diego.

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  • Gyro-Analog Devices ADXRS453
  • LED Driver - Holtek HT16K33
  • Operating Input Voltage: 1.5V-15V
  • Maximum Output Current: 0.8A @ 5V
  • Conformal Coating processed to IPC-A-610
  • Conforms To National Instruments MXP Expansion Port
  • Dimensional Requirements


  • West Coast Drive
  • 6 Wheel Drive Using 6" wheels
  • Powered By 4 CIM Motors and 2 Mini CIM Motors
  • Geared For 18.5 Ft/Sec


  • Command Driven Autonomous
  • Algorithm Determines Autonomous Commands Based on Starting Position and Number Of Cubes To Score
  • Multiple Cube Autonomous
  • Profiled Collision Avoidance Between The Arm and The Elevator


  • Cascaded Elevator
  • Powered By Two CIM Motors
  • From Ground To Scale In .75 Seconds
  • Motion Profiled For Smooth Movement
  • Automatic Positioning For Easy Scoring


  • Has The Ability To Pick Up Cubes From The Ground And Portal
  • Powered By Two 775pro Motors
  • Combination Polyurethane And Neoprene Rollers
intake gearbox
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