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FIRST Green E-Watt Saver - LED Bulb


FIRST® Robotics announces the introduction of the FIRST® Green e-watt saver, an exclusive, state-of-the-art, 7-watt/450 lumen LED light bulb that replaces up to a conventional 60-watt household light bulb – with a high-performance bulb that features longer life and significantly lower energy consumption.

The LED bulbs are the latest in lighting technology with an average life of 10,000 hours. They utilize only 10 percent of the energy of traditional bulbs, with no mercury, so they may be disposed of without harming the environment. In addition to “doing good” for the environment, they are also “doing well” for education and the future of our youth.

This people and planet healthy LED light bulb helps The Holy Cows , FIRST Robotics Team 1538, raise money for hands-on science and technology education, protects the environment and provides cost savings to consumers - all at the same time.


Q – Can you explain the purpose of this program?
A – This initiative is a part of a larger FIRST program providing teams with the opportunity to delivery innovative, environmentally responsible technology solutions in their community. In addition to the e-watt Saver program, FIRST also has announced green energy audits and has piloted electronics recycling. The intent is for FIRST teams to be able to both “do good”, by providing solutions that help the environment, and “do well” raising money to sustain their teams and grow FIRST. More information on these programs can be found at usfirst.org.

Q – Other organizations I am associated with also want to sell these bulbs, can they?
A – No. This is for FIRST teams only. Beginning with high school age teams in the U.S.and expanding to other FIRST programs and internationally over time.

Q – Why LED Light Bulbs?
A – LED bulbs are consistent with the goal of new, environmentally friendly, solutions that offer teams real fundraising potential. LED technology is the latest in residential and commercial lighting. The traditional, incandescent bulbs that we all know are being phased out nationwide over the next few years in an effort to save energy. Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) have been available for a number of years but are generally considered inferior in terms of the light provided and contain mercury which makes disposal of the bulbs harmful for the environment. LED bulbs average many thousands of hours of life, use approximately 10% of the energy of an incandescent bulb and are totally safe to dispose of.

Q – Who makes the light bulbs?
A – The LED technology is from a company called Cree. They are based in North Carolina and are a leader in lighting technology. The current manufacturer is a company based in Taiwan called Tess who is manufacturing these bulbs already for distribution in Asia, selectively in Europe and has begun to distribute in the U.S. Over time there may be additional manufacturers of the technology used by FIRST. These bulbs are UL tested and approved for use in the U.S.

Q – I noticed the bulbs are only 7W aren’t most of our bulbs 40W or 60W?
A – LED bulb technology does not use watts in the same way as traditional incandescent light bulbs and there are specific government rules around the way manufacturers can represent the watt equivalent. But with a rule of thumb that these bulbs only use 10% of the power, the 7W LED, depending on how the light is used is equivalent to a 40W to 60W traditional bulb. The team materials will contain graphics and explanations so that when they are talking to friends, family and other community people they will be able to answer that questions. This is a great part of the research we want the teams to do.

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